King of the Hill
As a kid, we played something we called, King of the Hill, where we would battle our friends to stay on top.

In job search, your goal is to stay on top in views of your posted resume (Job Boards) and LinkedIn. The more often you’re viewed, the better your chances of getting a call. Your strategy is to get more views more often. Here are the tactics to accomplish those goals.

LinkedIn: you should be posting industry-related content daily. Review your Google Alerts for topics of interest. Reposting is the easiest thing to do, but if you want more impact, take the material from multiple sources to create your own, personally created content. Do NOT use other people’s content without giving attribution. Name the source (author), publication and date. Use to create a shortened link from the long URL.

LinkedIn used to give members a running total of profile views including a chart. It was the most important set of statistics they provided. As of January 2017, that service ceased to exist. As of publication, the best they offer are  the ones below:  (Click on picture above to read the rest of the article)

Check this information every week. At the same time, attend to your posted resume on the Job Boards of your choice.

You’ll need to schedule and update your posted resume every week (I recommend doing this every Friday before noon). Don’t scream! Some Job Boards allow you to make minor changes such as: This Friday go to the Job Board, find your posted resume, change a comma to a semicolon then hit save. Bingo! You’re at the top of the hill! Next Friday before noon, change the semicolon back to a comma. Boom! You’re king of the hill again (many recruiters look for “newly uploaded resumes). Unfortunately, you may be forced to take your resume off the site then upload it again. The process only takes a few minutes and isn’t it worth it to get more recruiter views? What else are you doing Friday morning?  

Speaking of Job Boards, only apply to a handful of job postings per week. You don’t have time to follow-up if you apply to more than that. Besides, the higher you are on the professional totem pole the less likely you are to find a job through online applications and job boards.