If you’re comfortable in front of a camera (and can read a script) you might want to add a video of some sort to your Marketing Campaign in addition to a paper resume. If done right, you can present yourself to your audience for it to “see you” as more than just another piece of paper in the queue. You become human.

How do I make a video of myself?

They are relatively easy to produce. If you have a camera (your phone would work), a computer, and a slide advancer, you’re pretty well set. The trick is to place the camera on your computer such that you’re “looking through’ the lens without moving your eyes.

Get started by creating a PowerPoint of what you want to say and use your computer screen as a teleprompter. A cheap slide advancer allows you to read your script (use large font size so you can read your script). Remember to rehearse so you don’t sound like you are reading. Check for adequate lighting and let your personality shine through.

This same method can be used to present your Value Proposition deck. Either or both can be uploaded to YouTube, then linked to your LinkedIn profile. They can also be uploaded onto QR codes and added to your business card. No one else will take this tact, so you will immediately differentiate yourself from other candidates. Have a little fun while you’re at it!


Taken from my new book: HIRED! Every Employment Method