“If I could only get in front of someone, I know I could get the job.”

Once upon a time, in a world seemingly far far away, we would sit down with the classified section of the Sunday newspaper and a red pencil (it always was a red pencil, wasn’t it?) then circle jobs that were perfect for us. We would attach a well thought-out cover letter to our resume, drop them into an envelope, add a couple stamps, march down to the post office and within 2-3 days,someone with two eyes and a brain would read it.

That’s not the case today.

Today, you must write your resume(s) to satisfy all the various “readers.” Yes, I said READERS, plural. You have a minimum of three (3) readers today. Not making it past any one of them and you’re dead. Here’s who/what you must satisfy:  (Click on picture above to read the rest of the article) Read More