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Why am I not getting found?

You’re perfect for the job. Hell, the job description might as well have your name on it! But you don’t even get a call. Why?


Do you recall as a high school freshman math student saying, “I’ll never use this stuff ever again in my entire life.”? Yeah, me too. Boy, were we ever wrong! Mathematics is being used behind the scenes to find you as a candidate. More likely, it’s keeping you from getting found. Let me explain.

Remember algebra’s order of operations (that braces, brackets, and parenthesis thing)? It was invented by an English mathematician named George Boole. He lived only into his 49th year, and I bet his students hated him as much as we did. I can’t confirm it, but it’s my belief that he died at such a young age because he also accidently invented “texting” because his students took their math textbooks and texted him … to death. (Don’t worry, I get groans every time I tell that story.) Click on the picture above to read the entire article Read More

Job Hopping: Positive or Negative?

There’s an image that has come to be associated with millennials – that they are changing jobs every couple of years. This is said to look bad on a resume. It portrays a prospective employee as someone who can’t hold down a job or is unable to get along with colleagues; worst still, lacks loyalty and commitment.

However, that stigma is changing, especially as millennials constantly rise in their workplaces and, in the process, learn and advance their careers. In fact, it has been seen that those who stay with the same company for several years tend to see lower pay growth than others who don’t. If we are to go by a Forbes report, staying employed at the same company for over two years on average is going to make you earn less over your lifetime by about 50% or more – an estimate that they claim is conservative. (Click on picture above to read the rest of the article) Read More

The Evolution of Job Search

The Evolution of Job Search

You lost your job, got the pink slip, laid off, redundant, downsized, right-sized. I got “right-sized” once and wanted to right size their lip. I imagine you felt the same way, even if you quit. Whatever the term, you find yourself seeking employment.   (Click on picture above to read the rest of the article) Read More

Write for ALL the “Readers” of your resume.

“If I could only get in front of someone, I know I could get the job.”

Once upon a time, in a world seemingly far far away, we would sit down with the classified section of the Sunday newspaper and a red pencil (it always was a red pencil, wasn’t it?) then circle jobs that were perfect for us. We would attach a well thought-out cover letter to our resume, drop them into an envelope, add a couple stamps, march down to the post office and within 2-3 days,someone with two eyes and a brain would read it.

That’s not the case today.

Today, you must write your resume(s) to satisfy all the various “readers.” Yes, I said READERS, plural. You have a minimum of three (3) readers today. Not making it past any one of them and you’re dead. Here’s who/what you must satisfy:  (Click on picture above to read the rest of the article) Read More

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