S.E.O. for YOU (Search Engine Optimization)

When you “Google” something, how many pages of search results do you look at? One page? Two pages? Maybe, from time to time, three? 

When I Googled the line from Romeo & Juliet “What’s in a Word,” within a millisecond I received 111 million results. I looked at the first one. In her article in Searchenginewatch.com, Jessica Lee reported that whatever placed page 1, position 1 in search results got 33% of all views with position two getting 18%. Traffic declined precipitously from that point. (See charts from the search-targeted advertising company, Chitika cited in Ms. Lee’s article.) Indeed, 91.5% of all Google traffic in the US and Canada goes to whatever is found on the first page of results and 4.8% going to what’s on page 2. For obvious reasons, companies work tirelessly (and pay dearly) to get to page 1.  

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